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Pastor Kevin’s

Notes from the Trail

observations, questions, and reflections
from a fellow traveler

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WARM week (when Springdale hosts our area’s traveling homeless shelter) is typically a taxing week for many of us here at Springdale, with meals to prepare, connections to be made, “issues” to be settled, dishes to be washed, bathrooms to be cleaned, and probably less sleep – at least for some of us. By the…

Something’s Happening

On Wednesday, February 8, students, faculty, and staff at Asbury University gathered for their “regular” Wednesday chapel service… and what everyone thought was going to be a regular chapel service is still in progress.  For nine days now, there has been ongoing worship and prayer taking place 24 hours a day at Asbury.  Revival is…

The Truck’s in the Shop

A couple months ago my pickup lost power and died on my way to the church one morning.  I put in the clutch, coasted the last half mile, and hoped it would start later so I could baby it to the shop.  It did start, I was able to get it to the shop, and…

Introductory Post

November 3, 2020

Notes from the Trail

When out hiking or backpacking, many people like to keep a notebook to record observations, keep track of wildlife observed, or simply record their thoughts and feelings.  Such notes provide a helpful reference for future trips, and are sometimes shared with friends and family.  That’s what I hope this blog will be.  You see, as Spiritual Health Council and I sorted through the results of the recent pastoral evaluation, it seemed it might help me connect with some of you better if I were to begin sharing some of my thoughts and observations with all of you in this kind of personal “notebook.”

So here goes.  A couple times every month – and maybe more – I will jot down some of my observations, questions, or reflections to share with you, my church family (via email and postal mail).  I’d love to hear back from you if something I write strikes a chord with you, makes you think, or touches you on an emotional level.

I hope through these “notes from the trail” I can connect with a few more of you, because I really miss my church family.  So I’ll do my best to share tidbits from my life every so often, and I hope some of you will follow my lead and share tidbits from your life as well – either with me, or with the whole congregation (through Nancy or me).  And as we do so, may we see not just one another, but God at work within each other and within our congregation.

Happy hiking along The WAY,